Firewok the Portable Fire for Life


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Firewok Shop

A Firewok is the ideal solution to a portable fire, with its straigtforward design, removable legs and carry handle. All Firewok products are handmade in made our Bristol workshop, using local steel suppliers and renewable energy. The Firewok will last between 10 and 50 years.

The Blowker

The ingenious and beautifully designed Blowker is the ideal companion for your home fire indoors or out. Blow your fire into life without needing to use smelly firelighters, and use as a poker to stoke up a roaring fire. It also looks great in it’s specially designed stand.

Bespoke Metal Work

Looking for a new gates, railings, signpost or stair railings? Check out Metal Media our sister company. They create all sorts of beautiful, long lasting and functional metal work.  Every process is rooted in experience and craftsmanship. 

Open Fire Cooking

There is nothing better than cooking on an open fire in the great outdoors. Once your fire has reduced to embers the Firewok turns into the perfect BBQ.  We have put together some recipes. If you have a fire pit recipe of your own we would love to share it!

Firewok Philosophy 

At Firewok we think fires can be symbolic of change, transmuting materials to heat and light, the way our ancestors did. The benefits of gathering round an open fire and exchanging stories are timeless, as we connect to each other in the soft firelight.