Portable Fire Pit – Hand Made In Bristol



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Firewok Shop

The Firewok is an ideal solution to a fire pit, whether in your garden or out camping. It is portable, long lasting and comes in a range of sizes. We also have a versatile range of cooking and barbecue accessories. All of our products are hand made in our workshop, Bristol, UK, from locally sourced steel.

Fire Philosophy 

At Firewok we think fires are important and deserve to be kept alight. There are many benefits to our wellbeing gathering round an open fire and exchanging stories. We have put together some of our thoughts and would love to hear some of yours. 

Making Process

Everything at Firewok is hand crafted in our Bristol workshop using simple bending and welding techniques.  Take a sneak peek at the processes behind our products.

Open Fire Cooking

There is nothing better than cooking on an open fire in the great outdoors. Once your fire has reduced to embers the Firewok turns into the perfect BBQ.  We have put together some recipes. If you have a fire pit recipe of your own we would love to share it!

Fire Practice

Find out the best practice when it comes to having a campfire or garden fire. Everything from how to light it, the best way to make charcoal, What wood to use and where to have one and of course a bit of health and safety.