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The ingenious and beautifully designed Blowker

is the ideal companion for your home fire indoors

or out.

Blow your fire into life without using firelighters,

and use as a poker to stoke up a roaring fire.

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The Stainless Steel Firewok will is resistant to rust and comes with a 25 year warranty.

- Available in two sizes; 24 & 20 inches.

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The FIREWOK is handmade in Bristol using simple welding and bending tools.

We are committed to trading locally and keeping material supply miles to a minimum.

Firewok Update! - Delivery Dates

The Firewok Team are working hard to get your Online Shop order out within the next 2 working days, but its usually the next day! Be sure to check out some of our new products including the Blowker & Stand, Firepan and Firewok handle.

See how simple it is to assemble your Firewok with our helpful video!

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    We Make All Our Own Stuff

    We are committed to keeping the work in our Bristol workshop .

  • Cooking Ideas

    Have a look at some of our suggestions for your Firewok.      More Info

  • Local Delivery

    Free local delivery and pick up in the Bristol area.

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