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The New 16″ Microwok

The all new 16" Microwok will be released very soon, I'll set up a preorder page in the shop. [caption…
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Firewok in the sea

Crazy idea #1

After Chris came and put down a deposit on a stainless Firewok firepit, I have been brewing the idea of…
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Bags are ready to go!

The firewok bag is finally here! Its the best place to store your firewok and makes it easy to carry…
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Attachable Handle for portability

Important details to look out for in a portable fire pit.

It's important that a portable fire pit can be easily moved and stored, preferably in a sturdy bag that can…
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Firewok at night time in the garden. Nothing beats a Warm firing glow from a fire pit.

Keep the fires burning

It's time for a change, and I am not on my own. We now sell more stainless steel firewok, portable…
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A portable stainless steel fire pit in the garden. Kevin is demonstrating how to get the fire roaring with a blowker.

Hello Fire Pit lovers!

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